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Monkey Puzzle Bexleyheath have had the latest Ofsted report published. You can read it by clicking the link below:

Finalist in Bexley Business Excellence Awards!

Bexley Awards 2016 Logo Finalist logoMonkey Puzzle Bexleyheath are proud to announce that we have have been shortlisted for Apprentice Employer of the Year Award. We have been recognised for a business excellence award for all we do to train, develop and support our staff.

Watch this space to see how we get on!


Monkey Puzzle Bexleyheath Fundraiser Crashes Facebook!

Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery in Bexleyheath didn’t quite realise how many people would take part in a fund raising effort to raise money for a mother who is seeking to have a second Stem Cell transplant in her battle against Leukemia.

4171863_1480460019.5095Sasha relapsed after an initial stem cell transplant in August 2016 and has been told that the best possible treatment for her would be to try for a second time.

Sasha was then hit with the bombshell that since July 2016 the Government had made a decision to stop routinely funding second stem cell transplants, leaving Sasha no option but to find the £130,000 cost herself.

This is when her friends stepped in and created a Go Fund Me campaign.

Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery Bexleyheath owners Parv and Jenny Choudhury were alerted to the cause by members of staff who knew Sasha through a local Theatre school that also visits the nursery on a regular basis. He immediately discussed effective ways in which the nursery could help.

Alongside a private donation Parv and Jenny decided to share a link to Sasha’s funding page on the nursery’s Facebook page, promising to donate £1 for every like and share it attracted.

After posting late on Thursday night in no time they were approaching 300 likes with the link also being shared over 200 times.

They then decided to up the offer for that weekend offering a £5 donation for each like up to limit of £3,000.

The activity was so great that Facebook couldn’t keep up and their page crashed!

Commenting on the success of the campaign, Parv said, “We are amazed how successful this campaign has been and the ripple effect created by the shares, leading to even more shares resulted in £10,000 being donated to the cause this weekend alone. Sasha still has a way to go before reaching the £130,000 target but this has given everybody concerned a major boost and they now believe the potentially life saving figure is achievable.”

He added, “We must not become complacent however. There is still nearly £30,000 needed and we are aware that time is not on our side so I would ask everybody to find the time to either donate directly to Sasha’s funding page or continue to like and share our post”

You can find out more information on the campaign’s progress or how to donate directly here.

Top 10 Recommended Nurseries 2014

Monkey Puzzle Bexleyheath has just been awarded ‘Top 10 Recommended Nurseries 2014‘ status on the website.

The Top 10 Nursery Awards 2014 highlight the most recommended Nurseries in each region of the UK. The Awards are based on over 12,500 Recommendations received from Parents & Guardians of Children attending Nurseries during 2013.

Monkey Puzzle Upstairs launches


Monkey Puzzle Bexleyheath are excited to be teaming up with local performing arts organisation Theatre Street to provide new and exciting opportunities for your children at our regular performing arts studio, Monkey Puzzle Upstairs.

Theatre Street have been delivering dance, drama and singing classes to young people for twelve years and Monkey Puzzle Upstairs will be dedicated to providing a safe and creative environment where children can keep physically active, develop performing skills that will last a lifetime and build their confidence and co-ordination.

Learn more about the programme and find out how to book a place on our Monkey Puzzle Upstairs page.