Our teams teach through play and bring immense benefits to the children’s well being and life chances. It is through the spirit of play that we want to change the world.

Our hope is that people pay kindness forward every day and make each day that little bit brighter.

We believe that small acts when multiplied by millions of people can literally change the world for the better.

Graduation 2023

You made brighter days

We have composed a song for our children, staff and families at Monkey Puzzle Bexleyheath and Monkey Puzzle Welling.

We feel blessed to have an amazing team to support our children play, learn and grow and as the song title suggests “You made brighter days”

To the Monkey Puzzle Family let’s make 2021 Brighter and continue to bring real love to the real world constantly! Kindness grows like a fire and you were born to inspire.

To our families we are grateful for the trust and we are honoured to look after the best children in the world!

Thank you and enjoy. You can find more of our videos on our Youtube channel.

What will we do to “Play it Forward?”

  • Kindness demonstrated by our teams will be rewarded through our company bonus and wellbeing package. By being kind to our staff we hope it will ripple through.
  • Children will visit a local care home regularly to share stories and experiences with residents.
  • We will also invite the residence of the care home to join us for lunch.
  • We pledge to continue to support Just4 Children with a donation of £25K per year for the next ten years! This charity makes an immense difference in the lives of children and their families.
  • Our teams will raise money to help with the installation of a Community Defibrillator. The nursery will fully support all fundraising efforts of our staff so that together we can make a difference.
  • The nursery also pledges to donate all registration fees to support this life saving initiative.
  • We have started a “befriending scheme” where our children visit the homes of elderly and disabled people.
  • Our staff will work to support local charities. We will pay their salaries so that they can donate their time. We will work with Greenwich and Bexley community hospice and the British Heart foundation offering our help once a week by working in the local shop or inside the hospice.
  • “Free library” starting firstly within our nursery community and then expanding to a community free library.
  • We will regularly donate to the local food bank in Bexley.
  • Easter, we will give out Easter eggs to parents who may not be able to afford it this year.

We encourage you to pass on this goodness

  • If you know an elderly person who might be on their own and in need of love please pass their details onto us. Equally open your home to them for lunch or dinner.
  • If know a local charity that may need help from our staff please tell us so that we can provide support. Alternatively please donate your time to help.
  • Help us raise money for the defibrillator by doing your own fund raising activity (cake sale, run, sponsored silence organise or organise a dress down day in work).
  • Donate canned goods to us so we can take them to the food bank
  • Volunteer your time to the nursery so that you can read stories, do cooking activities or go on a nursery trip with the children.
  • Have a conversation with someone, you never know what someone else is going through and you can make a difference!
  • Smile at a stranger.
  • Share our kindness.
  • Help someone in need, this doesn’t mean spending money it can be a simple act of kindness.

By “playing kindness forward” we will make a difference and change this world for the better!